0.13 (TBD)

New Endpoints

  • Added new functions for Identifications endpoints: get_identifications() and get_identifications_by_id()

  • Added new functions for Users endpoints: get_user_by_id() and get_users_autocomplete()

Modified Endpoints

  • Added undocumented ident_user_id parameter to get_observations()

  • Added count_only=True as an alias for per_page=0 (to get only result counts).

  • Added generic auto-pagination that can apply to any endpoint that supports pagination.

  • Added page='all' as a shortcut for auto-pagination

  • The above changes apply to all functions that support pagination:

    • node_api.get_identifications()

    • node_api.get_observations()

    • node_api.get_observation_species_counts()

    • node_api.get_observation_observers()

    • node_api.get_observation_identifiers()

    • node_api.get_places_autocomplete()

    • node_api.get_projects()

    • node_api.get_taxa()

    • rest_api.get_observations()

    • rest_api.get_observation_fields()

  • The following methods are now deprecated. They are still functional, but will raise a DeprecationWarning:

    • node_api.get_all_observations()

    • rest_api.get_all_observation_fields()

  • Removed node_api.get_all_observation_species_counts(), since this was only added recently

  • Updated rest_api.get_observation_fields() to return a dict with 'results' for consistency with other endpoints

  • Removed minify option to get_taxa_autocomplete, and instead show a similar example in docstring

Other Changes

  • Added global rate-limiting to stay within the rates suggested in API Recommended Practices (per second, minute, and day)

  • Added new module pyinaturalist.response_utils for optional formatting functions

0.12 (2021-02-02)

See all Issues & PRs

New Endpoints

  • Added new function for Observation Histogram endpoint: get_observation_histogram()

  • Added new function for Observers endpoint: get_observation_observers()

  • Added new function for Identifiers endpoint: get_observation_identifiers()

  • Added new function for Controlled Terms endpoints: get_controlled_terms()

    • Wraps both GET /controlled_terms and /controlled_terms/for_taxon endpoints

Modified Endpoints

  • Added conversion from date/time strings to timezone-aware python datetime objects. This applies to the following functions:

    • node_api.get_observation()

    • node_api.get_observations()

    • node_api.get_all_observation()

    • node_api.get_projects()

    • node_api.get_projects_by_id()

    • node_api.get_taxa()

    • node_api.get_taxa_by_id()

    • rest_api.get_observation()

    • rest_api.get_observation_fields()

    • rest_api.get_all_observation_fields()

  • Added conversion for an additional location field in observation responses


  • Added support for providing credentials via environment variables

  • Added integration with system keyring for credentials storage

  • Added documentation & examples for authentication options

Other Changes

  • Added a Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml for a Jupyter notebook containing pyinaturalist + other relevant packages

  • Added some more detailed usage examples under examples/

  • Improved performance for large paginated queries

  • Fixed bug that dropped request parameter values of 0 as if they were None

  • Dropped support for python 3.5

  • Removed request parameters that were deprecated in 0.11

0.11 (2020-11-04)

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New Endpoints

  • Added new functions for Node API Places endpoints:

    • get_places_by_id()

    • get_places_nearby()

    • get_places_autocomplete()

  • Added new functions for Node API Projects endpoints:

    • get_projects()

    • get_projects_by_id()

  • Added new function for an additional Node API Observation endpoint:

    • get_observation_species_counts()

    • get_all_observation_species_counts()

Modified Endpoints

  • Added support for simplified observation field syntax (observation_fields={id: value}) for create_observations() and update_observation()

  • Updated node_api.get_taxa_by_id() to accept multiple IDs

  • Updated rest_api.get_observations() with type conversion from strings to floats for response lat/long coordinates. Only applies to JSON response format.

  • Updated node_api.get_taxa_autocomplete() with optional min_rank and max_rank parameters, for consistency with get_taxa()

  • Using the params positional argument for the handful of functions that used it will raise a DeprecationWarning, but will otherwise still be functional until 0.12

  • Renamed search_query argument to q to be consistent with API request parameters

  • Using the search_query argument for rest_api.get_observation_fields() and rest_api.get_all_observation_fields() will raise a DeprecationWarning, but will otherwise still be functional until 0.12

  • Renamed create_observations() to create_observation(), as this only supports creating a single observation per call. This is aliased to create_observations() for backwards-compatibility, but will raise a DeprecationWarning.

Documentation & Usability

  • Added example response data to docs all endpoints

  • Added links to official API reference to docs for all endpoints

  • Added full API request parameters to all API functions, in the form of keyword arguments with type annotations and docstrings

  • Added complete table of iNaturalist API endpoints and endpoints implemented by pyinaturalist

  • Added and improved usage examples

  • Numerous other documentation improvements

  • Made all API function signatures consistent by taking request params as keyword arguments

Other Changes

  • Dropped testing & support for python 3.4

  • Added testing & support for python 3.9

  • Added parameter validation for multiple-choice request parameters

0.10 (2020-06-16)

See all Issues & PRs

New Endpoints

  • Added new Observation endpoint: rest_api.get_observations(), with 6 additional observation response formats, including GeoJSON, Darwin Core, and others

Modified Endpoints

  • Added minify option to node_api.get_taxa_autocomplete()

Other Changes

  • Added more info & examples to README for taxa endpoints, and other documentation improvements

  • Added conversion for all date and datetime parameters to timezone-aware ISO 8601 timestamps

  • Added a dry-run mode to mock out API requests for testing

  • Set up pre-release builds for latest development version

0.9.1 (2020-05-26)

  • Bugfix: proper support for boolean and integer list parameters (Issue #17)

0.9 (2020-05-06)

New Endpoints

  • Added new functions for Node API Taxa endpoints:

    • node_api.get_taxa()

    • node_api.get_taxa_autocomplete()

    • node_api.get_taxa_by_id()

0.8 (2019-07-11)

  • All functions now take an optional user-agent parameter in order to identify yourself to iNaturalist. If not set, Pyinaturalist/<VERSION> will be used.

0.7 (2019-05-08)

  • rest_api.delete_observation() now raises ObservationNotFound if the observation doesn’t exist

  • minor dependencies update for security reasons

0.6 (2018-11-15)

  • New function: rest_api.delete_observation()

0.5 (2018-11-05)

  • New function: node_api.get_observation()

0.4 (2018-11-05)

  • create_observation() now raises exceptions in case of errors.

0.3 (2018-11-05)

  • update_observation() now raises exceptions in case of errors.

0.2 (2018-10-31)

  • Better infrastructure (type annotations, documentation, …)

  • Dropped support for Python 2.

  • New function: update_observation()

  • rest_api.AuthenticationError is now exceptions.AuthenticationError

0.1 (2018-10-10)

  • First release on PyPI.